U.S. Businesses Operating Internationally

Unlock New Opportunities Beyond the U.S. with Optimized Tax Strategies

Navigating tax regulations in foreign countries can be complex. Our team of tax experts specialize in providing tailored tax solutions for U.S. businesses operating abroad. Let us help you minimize tax liabilities and maximize your international growth potential.

How We Can Help

Easily Navigate Foreign Tax Structures through Our Partner Network

Ensure compliance with overseas tax regulations using our vetted network of partners.

Avoid Significant Tax Compliance Penalties

Avoid costly penalties and pitfalls when dealing with worldwide tax situations.

Optimize Your Worldwide Tax Strategy for Maximum Savings

Optimize for the most savings possible with your taxes while not compromising your compliance.

Service Details - For Expanding U.S. Businesses

Build a Globally Optimized and Compliant Tax Strategy.

Working with our company provides numerous advantages, including the ability to maximize tax savings and minimize legal risks. Our team of experts specializes in assisting U.S. businesses operating in foreign countries develop tax strategies and be fully compliant with international tax laws.

Here are a few common forms that we file for our clients:

  • Form 1065

  • Form 1120S

  • Form 5471

  • Form 8865

  • Form 8858

  • And many others...

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Global Partner Network

A Global Network of Partners to Help with Every Aspect of Your Business's Expansion.

Our network of partners helps you optimize your entity structure, arrange your financial and legal affairs, and so much more.

Tax and accounting specialists in non-U.S. countries

Customs brokers

Accounting and payroll services specialists

Warehousing specialists

U.S. immigration lawyers

U.S. international bankers and lenders

Transfer pricing and U.S. tax incentive specialists

Business lawyers in many non-U.S. countries

U.S. international business formation lawyers

U.S. international tax and estate lawyers

Cross-border financial advisors

Employment lawyers

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Our Global Clients

We value each and every client relationship. Check out what our clients have to say about Lodder CPA.

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Working with Lodder CPA has been a game-changer for our US business. Their expertise in accounting and tax advisory services has not only saved us valuable time and resources but has also provided invaluable insights into navigating complex US tax regulations. Kyle and Dustin demonstrate a remarkable dedication to understanding our needs and tailoring solutions to optimize our financial processes. Their professionalism and attention to detail have instilled confidence in every aspect of our financial management. Their proactive approach and clear communication have made them an indispensable partner in our growth journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Lodder CPA to any organization seeking expert accounting and tax advisory services on an international scale. Their commitment to excellence and results-driven approach truly set them apart.

Lukasz Gorka



Lodder CPA helped greatly with our company's U.S. expansion from Canada. They have excellent knowledge and execution, as they collaborated well with our other advisors including our immigration attorney and Canadian tax advisor to ensure a smooth transition into the U.S. including optimizing our worldwide tax position.

Brent Larsen


Steep Hill Equipment Solutions

We work with Kyle, and his service is outstanding. Kyle's expertise in accounting, particularly in complex tax laws related to cross-border business activities, is exceptional. He provides tailored solutions that make us feel confident about the long-term success of our business. His attention to detail and proactive approach saves us time and money by identifying potential issues before they happen. What stands out about Kyle is his availability and his commitment to our satisfaction. He is always there to provide clear and insightful guidance, making complicated concepts understandable. His communication is excellent, keeping us informed every step of the way. Kyle's dedication, knowledge, and friendly demeanor have exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking top-notch accounting services.

Rob McWhinney


Miracad Technologies Inc.

As a dual citizen in Canada, and entrepreneur, Lodder CPA continues to help me navigate my tax and reporting obligations for the U.S., and decrease my stress load. Most importantly, I can trust Kyle and his team to ensure my tax situation is optimized. I highly recommend Lodder CPA to other U.S. citizens, who live or have businesses in Canada.

Alyson McHugh

Managing Partner, Senior Research Biologist

Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions, Inc.

I first found Lodder CPA when my current U.S. accountant was not filing my taxes properly. I also reached out to Lodder CPA to help me get caught up on previous years that were not filed as well as to help my through my renunciation process. I am a U.S. citizen living in Canada and I also own a business. Lodder CPA not only helped me get caught up on four years of taxes but they also helped guide me through the renunciation process. Lodder CPA was efficient, accurate and extremely helpful. You have peace of mind knowing they are handling your taxes even if your situation is extremely complex. Whether you are a company, individual or a U.S. citizen living abroad I couldn't have found a better accountant. I recommend 10/10.

Carrie Ball


RE/MAX Truepeak Realty

PacificEast was becoming more complex in its cross-border and overall U.S. business. It was essential that accuracy and insights would be represented in the Corporate Accounting Department. Lodder CPA has communicated well and provided the excellence PacificEast requires.

Garth Froese

Chief Executive Officer


I've experienced Lodder CPA as professional and approachable. They turned the complex into simple steps with excellent advice and good processes. They see tax strategy as opportunity, and make the financial obligation work in your favor.

Jan Hensen


Meer Real Estate

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Our Process

What it Looks Like to Work with Our Team

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Fill Out Our Informational Intake Form and Schedule an Initial Meeting

In less than 5 minutes, you can fill out our simple intake form. Assuming your profile is a good fit for our company, we will schedule a chat with you to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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Receive Your Custom 3 Tier Proposal

Based on your unique needs, we provide you a three tier service proposal to help you pick the optimal option for your situation.

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Ongoing Tax Strategy Development and Execution

From check-in calls, to scheduled support, we are here for you beyond just tax return preparation. Depending on your plan, we work with you throughout the year to ensure your tax strategy is well executed.

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Taxes are Prepared and are Filed by the Necessary Deadlines

Every year, we prepare and file your taxes for you based on the optimal deadline for your unique situation.

Your Fully Custom Three Tier Package for Ongoing Support.

Check out our pricing table below for a clear view into our package-based pricing.

For businesses that are looking for hyper growth or have more complex financial needs
For businesses looking to grow and need more support and financial expertise
For businesses just starting out or needing only minimal support
Ongoing Support Services
Business tax return preparation
Tax return review
MS Teams Meeting
MS Teams Meeting
Recorded Loom Video
Business owner(s) individual tax return preparation, if needed
Basic book clean-up review
Tax optimization checklist
Tax Strategy and Financial Health planning calls
Annual personalized tax plan
Estimated quarterly taxes
Safe harbor
Safe harbor
Estimated tax payment reminders
Government notice response
Audit support
Email support
Phone support
Tax return preparation turnaround time
3 weeks
5 weeks


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services and international taxes.

We are selling our product from our U.S. company to customers located outside the U.S. What are the tax implications?

This income is included on your U.S. tax return. It’s also possible that this income is taxable in the foreign country. You would need to determine the tax implications with your tax professionals in the U.S. and abroad. If there is an income tax liability in the foreign country, then you may be able to obtain a foreign tax credit on the U.S. return to avoid double taxation.

Can I form a corporation in the foreign country to avoid paying the higher U.S. tax liability on this foreign income or at least defer the tax until the income is repatriated at a later date?

Possibly. However, there may be anti-tax deferral provisions such as Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI) that could apply that cause you to pay current tax on this non-U.S. income. You should seek tax advice to avoid onerous tax provisions.

Does GILTI apply to partnerships or pass-through entities?

No. GILTI applies to corporations who would otherwise be able to defer U.S. corporate income tax until a dividend is paid. Income from the partnerships or pass-through entities is includable on the U.S. company return in the year it is earned.

What is the U.S. tax on repatriated dividends from foreign affiliates?

Under current law, there is no tax since the U.S. corporation would obtain a 100% dividend deduction.

Are there U.S. tax incentives for a U.S. company with foreign sales?

Yes. U.S. corporations benefit from tax incentives such as deducting a portion of foreign-derived intangible income (FDII), linked to intangible assets held domestically. Additionally, the Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) provides substantial tax savings for exporting U.S. products. Unlike tax shelters, IC-DISC facilitates permanent tax savings by transferring income through export sales commissions.

Comprehensive Tax Services for U.S. Businesses Operating Internationally

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